DC Venue Closing

The kind of news I hate to hear. A really unique music venue will be closing its doors soon.

DC’s The Red Palace was apparently a too-well-kept secret in live music on H Street.

Saw a handful of really excellent artists at this spot and was looking forward to seeing more up-and-coming acts. Since it opened just two years ago I was able to catch Liam Finn, The Alternate Routes and Howlin Rain in the sparse upstairs space – all three really fantastic shows. I also missed out on a sold out Gary Clark show which pissed me off. Never caught a burlesque act there but I always kept a close eye on the schedule because occasionally a real gem would pop up.

Here’s to The Red Palace.

One thought on “DC Venue Closing

  1. You guys need to get some of these
    smaller venues and record stores linked up with the blog. Its a shame that Red Palace is closing and great acts keep playing the iffy DAR.

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